Are you a dependency-based, fear-based, or rewards-based needs parent?

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Ready to gain insights into yourself and your parenting style? Take the “Parent Type Quiz”, designed by Lisa K. Anderson to supplement learning from her book Loosen the Grip.

This questionnaire assesses your parenting style from three needs-based perspectives—fear-based, reward-based, and dependency-based. All parents are a mix of all three types, some favoring more than others. Based on your tendencies you’ll receive a score on a scale of 10-40 for each need. Scores in the 30-40 range mean you strongly identify with this parent type, 29-20 means you moderately identify with that type, and 19-10 means you identify only mildly with that type.

You’ll find out more details about what those needs mean to you and your child/children at the end of the assessment. In the meantime, provide sincere responses in order to get the most accurate results! Listen closely to your intuition and take a few moments for self-reflection as you answer each question.

Using this quiz won’t replace therapy or diagnose any conditions – it simply provides a handy tool for growing one’s understanding of themselves as parents!

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Fear Based Needs

If my child is struggling with a task I will immediately help them.
I don't like my child to be outside alone.
I want my child to be popular*
I don't like to discipline or consequence my child*
I worry when my child is sick that they could die.*
It is my duty as a parent to give my child rides to their destinations.*
When my child struggles with school work I help them even answering the questions for them if needed.*
I would worry about my child being home alone even when they are older*
I am afraid that my child will get hurt when they are with friends*
My child needs to check in with me whenever they go somewhere or move to a new destination.*